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r/rescuedogs ( is a subreddit or a category part of an online community called Reddit. It's purpose is to help find animals a home so they won't have to be killed, or be put into shelters. For people to share their rescue stories and to help those who are fostering dogs.

I am telling you this because I am hoping you can help spread the word, tell a friend or even see a dog that you may like.
There is one for cats as well:

Dogs like the following have a high chance of finding a home:
*Click view comments on reddit and sign up, feel free to contact the poster by sending them a message or commenting!</b>

-Hey Reddit, found this guy going through our trash 2 weeks ago. We can't keep her and was hoping someone in Phoenix, AZ could help her.

-Beautiful shepherd lab puppy up for adoption - San Diego/So-cal area
I do not know if these dogs are still up for adoption just cause it has a contact
to a shelter and so I do not know. I am going off what the caption says.

* This girl is my favorite!
Please help this one in the Orlando area! I am a volunteer here and he very sweet and too young to be put down.

   Most importantly you can be the one who can make this transformation in a dogs life!

I hope you guys all follow through and respond. Let me know!
Love ya, if you want to see more dogs here is the browsing section:

Love you all!
Thank you!
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Submitted on
August 27, 2012